Problem/solution vs story-telling

I’ve just done branding and comms for a new business which streams weddings to your Facebook page. What I really love about this work is distilling a message. Out of the hundreds of ways you could present a service, what’s the most compelling way?

There are some existing players in America, so I had a look at the market leader’s approach. It’s a pretty slick operation by the looks – written up in the WSJ no less. Their proposition is a problem/solution. “Wedding live-streaming made simple”.

It immediately reminded me that this could be technically demanding. Then followed ten bullet points; enough to shoot ten technophobes. ‘1080P HD streaming quality’ and ‘PC/Mac IOS Android Compatible’. I guess they believe their target market is geeky, and that may be the case.

I’ve gone another way, mostly because it’s a new product and I think you need to make a case for why this is a thing. So I’ve told a story in twelve words that explains the benefit of live streaming a wedding. Here it is on the front page of the flyer:

65 attended. 114 were invited. 380 would like to have been there.

I also did the logo development and a bunch of other stuff. Will link to the web site when it’s up.