Content and Strategy

Content strategy

If you have a content strategy, I can review it. If you don’t have one, let’s cook one up.

Web site

I can create or advise on content, strategy and design. Actually, not just that; I’ll do a screaming good job of it. I’ve judged and chaired the Australian Web Awards a number of times and the majority of my clients have been with me for ten years. Examples of sites

Can create your web project from scratch or work with your existing suppliers. Knowledgeable in SEO and Google analytics.

Direct marketing

I write compelling e-newsletters, usually a combination of original writing, material sourced from the client and stories curated from the Internet. My open rates are 50% to 100% above industry norms and my click-through rates are up to 12 times industry average. Able to manage the whole process, including reporting of analytics and split-testing. Article here discussing newsletters.

Social media

I can write guidelines for your social media presence or create content on your behalf. I’ve done work on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a range of other platforms. Here’s me on Twitter.


Will analyse your advertising options and advise an appropriate mix of traditional/online. Can suggest a split between different advertising alternatives; i.e. help you allocate your media budget.

If working with other suppliers, I can write a brief and project manage to delivery. Can also write copy and produce the whole campaign. Experienced with print, TV, video, animation, radio, online (including Google Adwords/AdSense) and social media.

Business Development

The thing I did want to make clear is that developing compelling content is not the whole story. I’m interested in contributing to the development of your business model. Any web developer will give you a web site and any writer will give you content. But I will poke you until you give me the right answers and I will apply original thought to your business problems so that together we create something special.

Hurry up. Let’s get started.

Bret Treasure; 040 990 8133 (Australia)


  1. Hi there,

    Found your website after seeing if was free to use. Dammit! what a great way to get attention in a post i thought FREE BEER!. anyway i am just starting my business and with an investment of $5000 not really in the area for big time advertising ect. just putting up some thought provoking posters around the sunshine coast Qld. Just wanted to say i found your website very interesting and if things pick up will happily send some work your way.

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