I’m doing some speaking engagements about this subject. In those talks I explain how you can use software to easily improve your willpower. I know it sounds unlikely. Currently in Alpha testing, it’s a simple framework that helps people get into action wherever they need it. That could be weight loss, exercise, meditation, learning a new language, a musical instrument or cutting down on alcohol, screen time or cigarettes. Gosh.

My business partner and I co-created the product out of our interest in coaching and psychology. To date we’ve had over fifty people use the method and the results are outstanding. This works. On any given week, 73% of people are taking the weekly action they promise.

Consider the area that is of importance to you. What difference that would it make in your life if you were regularly taking action in that area? What difference would it make if your whole organisation was suddenly, reliably taking coordinated action?

We’re not talking about something trivial. This system will change the behaviour of generations. If you book me to talk you through how it works (takes less than half an hour; yes, there are jokes) you’ll have early access. You weren’t there at the start of Facebook or Google, but you will be this time, and it’s just as consequential.

Talks to community and sporting groups in Perth, Western Australia are at no charge.