Bret Treasure

Free Beer

2/10 Pendal Lane
Perth WA 6000

treasure at freebeer dot com dot au
Skype brettreasure
twitter @brettreasure

618 6143 9999
61 409 908 133 mobile


  1. Hi Bret

    I googled you and look what I found!

    Hope you remember the young and enthusiastic UBA sales NSW account manager from 1986. I recall your famous “power of negative thinking” theory from back then e.g.
    1. it was a fluke
    2. anyone could have done it
    3. it’ll never succeed again.

    Trust things are great in WA. I think in horror that your son Leo would now be 26!

    Love the website name!

    cheers, Ray

  2. Ray! What a treat to get your comment! Had a look at your blog and I see we share an interest in Tom Lehrer and running. Have subscribed to the Blues feed…

  3. Luvd the ad. Watchd it at a pub on my mac with no vol.If you go to my YT site u will see my first attempt “Coopers Green Garden”. (no script, no rehearsal, no trained actors, one take) I am planning a Coopers beer frig ad that advertises a pool table coy and another product : maybe Apple, whilst teaching some simple principles of passive building design – the sustainable one room batchelors pad house. I got a carton of coopers green long necks for the ad for an event i put on at my house which was sponsored by my local council. I rekn the house ad will need a container full of cartons. and a full size snooker table and ….

  4. Hi Bret;
    few minutes ago i was talking with over the phone….I am the NON DRINKER one. I am sending you this message just to establish a live contact with you.
    May I suggest you to visit our web site just to have a hint of whom we are and what we do and done for the past 25 years in Perth.
    looking forward to meet you.
    Nando De Maria

  5. Hey Bret
    Hope Seeedney went well?
    Here’s the link to my new website which is still ‘under construction’.
    Was hoping to get together to discuss when you are able?
    Cheers and keep well
    Mike (WAIT escapee):)

  6. Hey Bret!
    Checked out your website – such a memorable name.
    Have a good one and hope to chat again soon…

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