Overcoming uncertainty

Mrs Cantankermeyer (not her real name) was embarrassed. Often a business web site is an extension of your identity and when your web site is below par that can be a stress. Particularly if you are uncomfortable with technology – because the pathway to resolving the issue is so uncertain.

In Mrs Cantankermeyer’s case it wasn’t even her own business. It was her son’s. She was so embarrassed by the out-of-date site she took responsibility for fixing it. Elderly, retired and tech-unsavvy; she knew she was at risk of being exploited.

We worked together on it, threw out all the amateur photos, simplified the message and the structure of the site, and created something smart and modern. Building trust was the main thing. I never even spoke to the owner of the business.

Turns out Mrs Cantankermeyer had all the knowledge necessary to upgrade a website. When someone really takes responsibility for something, it’s only going one way.