What every nerd needs

nerd_manI’m a complete shill for the Landmark Forum. The course blew my socks off. I changed the way I related to my dad, stopped procrastinating, and completely ditched the cynicism I thought was inherent in my personality. Because it’s a process of self-discovery, rather than a process of adding knowledge, what you learn remains with you. I am still impacted by that three-day course 23 years later – I’ve used the stuff in parenting, business, and my private life.

In 2012 it occurred to me that I should do the Communication Courses that Landmark run. It happened all over again. This time an eye-opening access to something I thought I was already good at.

In the web industry, I’m in contact with people who spend a very large amount of time in front of a screen. I deeply respect technical people – that’s why I’m in the industry association – but as communicators they are inclined to be introspective, opinionated and individualistic. Something shifts around this in the Landmark Forum. People develop better listening skills and better communication skills. We could use that.

Through my dad’s involvement in the early days of television I met a number of technical pioneers. Outside of their technical field, with very few exceptions, those people failed to exert an influence on the direction of the industry. Mostly, extroverted sales people stepped into leadership and influence.

One of my hopes for the web industry is that technical people exert more influence on industry and policy. So I recommend the Landmark training because I know first hand that it will make a difference. If we can get past the “thanks, it’s not for me” and the “don’t have time” conversations, the Australian industry will shift up a notch in entrepreneurism and impact. At individual level, there are insights and openings for action. In a world of hype, this training is the real deal.

I’ve set up a Facebook group which puts together those who’ve done the course and those considering it. Please join and ask searching questions. On January 8th I’m hosting an introduction evening. These are stimulating, stand-alone events and do not cost*. Email me if attending.

*The actual course costs $670 and you can book in with $110 deposit.

Note: The views expressed here are my own and not the views of Landmark Worldwide.