Maybe it’s just me. I find myself constantly between the amusing and the effective. Here’s a classic case. Tasked with the job of creating an election leaflet for my candidacy in the Federal Election, I couldn’t resist a dig at the predictability of the election leaflet: Picture of candidate. Vote 1. Australian flag if it’s for the Libs.

I’m confident the ad will get more cut-through than the average flyer. It’s more likely to be read. The risk is that people will decide the Sex Party aren’t taking things SERIOUSLY. It’s quite a big risk because the Party is already ‘out there’ by virtue of its name and platform.

On the other hand, it’s not a style of advertising the competition can use because it’s very difficult to get anything satirical through a committee. They just take themselves too seriously. The Sex Party doesn’t like committees because they remind people of things other than sex.

Cheeky, irreverent advertising doesn’t always work. Fuck it. Life’s short.


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