Free eggs

I walked down to the Re Store to get some free range eggs. When I got back, I met an elderly lady in the lift with whom I have a nodding acquaintance. She told me she had just taken delivery of a new piece of jarrah furniture. Did I want to have a look? I thought I would; I knew a little about her and she’s had an interesting life. So I went to her flat and had a glass of water with her and she showed me some of her personal memorabilia.

Walking around the kitchen she went to put the eggs in the fridge; I said, ‘oh, don’t worry about that, they’ll be fine out of the fridge’. She said ‘that’s very kind of you. What a thoughtful thing to do’. So the eggs became a gift. Thoughtful of me, huh?

I think I’ll file this post under ‘Uncategorized’. Not in a basket.



  1. A colleague lent a student who was not used to Aussie heat an airconditioner. When the student was leaving, he asked how he went with the airconditioner. The student said “fine, i got $300 for it.”

  2. Trevor Hancock, you’re a softie.

    Incidentally, I met Trevor Hancock last year… he swims 3-5kms a day.


    PS. Don’t count your chickens until the eggs are out of the grasping hands of your neighbours.

  3. Hahaha! Funny story Bret. Goodwill remember? Apparently eggs are equivalent to beer?

  4. Hahaha Bret, how funny.

    Well, it’s worldwide known how kind and generous you are 🙂 Totally understable her behaviour…

    Talking of neighbors yesterday due to an intense (in time and dephness) poetry reading that kept me in “other dimmension” I was late to the school of my son…

    So I took a taxi and for my surprise the taxidriver was a neighbor about 60 years old with whom I also have a kind of “nodding acquaintance” using your words (I didn’t know about his profession).

    At first I think he felt little embarrashed (not too sure why) but then he talked and talked about some cummunity stuff (park state, teens making noise, children walking over the grass…).
    The journey was short, and the bill was just 4.50€, he blushed and apologised for charging me and I said “work is work”
    I wanted to tip him and he energically refused “I never accept tips from friends or neighbors” automatically I said “Ok, then I’ll have to invite you to take a coffe sometime..” (one of those sentences one says without thinking too much..)
    He said “Ohh that’s very kind of you, great, tomorrow at your place,after the lunch”

    OMG!!! I wonder if he was also using one of those sentences…

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