I haven’t had one since I was ten: Barry Cable. When that guy unleashed a drop kick it was like fucking ballet. Not sure if girls have this to the same extent but heroes are a great reassurance to boys; there is something comforting in the notion that somewhere, a man has perfected the drop kick.

This post is homage to a guy I regard as the English speaking world’s most insightful commentator. Gary Trudeau writes Doonesbury, syndicated around the world and the only strip published daily in The Australian. A discerning choice; I think he’ll be looked back on as a Shakespeare or a Dickens.

Knowing the characters now, I can pick it up and read it one-off, but regular reading is most rewarding. It’s on-line here and you can subscribe to get access to the entire archive. There are, of course, many compilation books, including my favourite, ‘But The Pension Fund Was Just Sitting There!’

Sometimes a dozen words is all he needs to lay bare the ironies of human behaviour. And he’s funny. Rick has just been retrenched after a long career as an investigative reporter for the Washington Post:

That’s typical; something you read in a few seconds and in that time Trudeau has addressed middle aged men’s struggle to connect, their awkwardness and their capacity to accept what is and get on with things. So much said through what is unspoken.

A week ago, he told the story of Rick’s retrenchment conversation with his editor:

A great Radio New Zealand interview explains Trudeau’s connection with veterans of the Iraqi war. Those who’ve read Doonesbury know how powerfully he has covered the politics and the human issues. Whilst being funny.

Trudeau’s contribution has been properly acknowledged; he is the only cartoonist to win the Pulitzer Prize. 38 years of daily commentary. Damn that guy can drop kick.

Apologies for the flagrant abuse of copyright.


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