Podcasting zings on mainstream media

The ABC’s step into podcasting is a screaming success. Radio National last week had over 100,000 downloads and are moving virtually all shows (sans copyright music) to the format. There is now heavy on-air promotion.

It’s a logical fit for RN. Lots of original talk content and most of it magazine-style; i.e. it’s not time-sensitive like news. The benefit of course is time-shifting. U can listen to the show when it suits U; not when it’s broadcast.

In the states NPR are not far behind. Of course, public broadcasters are one thing; there is no profitable business model yet developed. But I remember when they said about web search engines …



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  2. I like to think of myself as a smart girl, but there are a ton who are smarter than me. At least I’m not like Dubbya who has called himself “the Decider”. HAHA – That’s so funny!

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