All your card are belong to us

anz cardsMy replacement debit card arrived in the post with a sticker on it: For your security, this card has been sent to you INACTIVE. You must not use this card until you activate it.

Well no big deal; I phoned ANZ, went through the CTI system; the usual thing. Then it wanted to connect me to an operator. So I go on hold for a while. Eventually there’s a lady; she asked me the password which I set five years ago. I remembered it.

The lady explained that the card was already active. “It’s a replacement card; they all arrive pre-activated.”

“But it’s got this sticker on it”, I say and I start to read it to her.

“No, no”, she says. “All the cards arrive with stickers on them. The company that prints the cards doesn’t know which ones are activated so they just sticker them all”.


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