Re-waltzing Matilda

Happy Australia Day.

I wrote a song.

It’s loosely based on Waltzing Matilda.

The words for that song, of course, were written by the great Australian Poet, Ukulele Paterson.

Thanks to my Producer, Leo Treasure, who is like a son to me. [audio:]



  1. Bret, you are deeply weird in ways I hadn’t previously thought about. Having said that, if I had, I’m fairly certain I would have come to the correct conclusion.

  2. Loved it. Didn’t think it was wierd at all. I understood every word, even over the music.
    I HAVE had quite a few drinks, though.
    I’m certain your strategy is to come on late tonight when your audience are as appreciative and sympathetic.
    Hope Leo feels like a son, too.

  3. Mate,
    Sabian said it well, but I’d like to add that said conclusion would involve drinking many beers with you and surely solving some of the world’s more pressing issues. Like butter. I mean really, butter. Someday, we will discuss.

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