Problem with interactive media

Is that people insist on interacting with it. If you look at the Facebook applications generated by big business you see that Facebook spam is a major hurdle for corporates. Once again the battle between the old respectables and ambush media.

Businesses continue to treat interactive media the same way that they treat magazine advertising. In interactive media you can’t place the ad and walk away. You need to allocate human resources to managing the medium. That’s code for a spam editor.

Second problem: if you’re a big company and you put up a Facebook ap, expect as much criticism as praise. This is a serious issue with interactive media for business. Doesn’t happen when you advertise on TV but Jesus, people love an opportunity to have a whinge.

Quote from the Dell Spot Facebook site: ‘Ive hated dell from the start, there products are cheap peices of crap, and they charge u wayyyy to much, like damn.’

So having appointed an editor to manage your Facebook ap, now decide if their job description includes editing out the comments you don’t like, remembering that those who are edited out will most likely blog about it.

If you’re in the computer industry or politics, I’d say keep your toe out of the web 2.0 water.

On the other hand, if you’re selling lingerie, jump in. Victoria’s Secret has 350,000 Facebook members. Their content is professionally written, social and full of fun.

Dell’s is unmoderated. One topic is headed ‘Dell wants you to think your eating a cheap dick’. Why do so many people write ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’?


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