Lithuania, Singapore, Australia

I’m working at the moment on Second Life projects for Lithuanian and Singaporean clients. The Lithuanian project is with a commercial entity. Not the first in a Baltic state though. Estonia has just established a virtual embassy in Second Life, following the Swedish lead. Part of the attraction of developing in Second Life is dealing with parts of the world not normally seeking Australian marketing consultants.


Pictured is a part of the Lithuanian build that Tue Torok and Arnout Sequent have put together; it’s an ecologically orientated competition based around the Lithuanian love of trees and nature. The company concerned is a technology company. Interesting that they have adopted a cultural meme instead of a sales-orientated approach.

The Singapore project is large scale governmental one and the contrast between their government’s attitude to technology and the attitude of the Australian Government is unavoidable.

As part of my web research I stumbled upon the following quote from a Singapore bureaucracy. It was so far from Australian attitudes it jumped out at me:

“Singapore is a society in a hurry”. How would an Australian bureaucrat characterise Australia? “Australia is very laid-back society with a great lifestyle”.

Anyway, the Singapore quote continues:

“Our lack of natural resources and our small domestic market means that we have no buffer against changes in the outside world. We have only our skills and our adaptability”.

The Australian quote would continue:

“We are blessed with substantial natural resources. We can rely on demand from China for years to come, thank goodness”.


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