The Multiplex Complex

Multiplex wants the State Government to find $86M for a new indoor entertainment stadium at Burswood or $102M for the same thing in Northbridge. These complexes would seat 12,500 people in line with the brief from the Government. However, a re-vamp of the Perth Entertainment Centre would cost $51M for 11,500 seats.

So Mr Tax Payer, would you risk an extra $35M/$51M for an extra 1,000 seats? Would you pay an extra 69% for an extra 9% seating? Remember that the last 9% will only be used when the venue is full. It’s a no-brainer. Re-furb the Perth Entertainment Centre. $50M buys a lot of hospital beds.

I must admit to an emotional bias here; my father Brian Treasure championed the building of the Entertainment Centre when he worked at TVW 7. At the time there was no adequate venue for the large stage shows that TVW and Edgley’s were travelling around Australia (Disney on Parade, Moscow Circus etc) and Perth was missing out on international acts. It was more attractive financially for promoters to bring acts over to the east coast only. Now, 32 years after the building that fixed this problem we are faced with the same situation.


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