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Pia Waugh, from & GovHack

Started by Web Directions and now powered by, GovHack is a push for more sharing and manipulation of the data governments collect. A delicate issue, as many government departments now monetise the sale of their data.

Anyway, the strategy here is to unleash the creative force of developers on a single weekend and then put the apps in the face of government departments. “Here: look what’s possible with your data”.

I helped judge the WA Awards and like most people there, including the government folk, I was knocked out by (a) how much data is already available, (b) the obvious public benefits that will accrue and (c) the potential (in some cases) for commercialisation of the data. Policy wonks will surely be impressed by the results.

Have a look at some of the winning entries.

Strongly encourage web devs, designers and others to get involved next time round.


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