My first ever public seminar

perth web promotion course

Book in for Web Promotion SHOCK – it’s aimed at businesses who want to increase their web traffic. The cost is $75; designed to give usable knowledge that people can implement themselves or pass on to their webmaster.

Most Australian businesses, including some very large ones, have no idea about the basic principles of search engine optimisation. (I recently wrote about advertising agencies as an example). So part of my agenda is to share that knowledge. Here is the SHOCK: it ain’t that tricky.

There are still businesses that view their web site as one of those things you have to have. Like a Business Card. But the Internet has become fundamental to how people collect information. Much more powerful than just another advertising medium. Some of the companies I work with are generating ALL their new business off the Internet because they have web stategies that deliver relevant information to people who are looking.

You don’t need a web site. You need a web strategy. Part of that is usually keywords-based SEO that puts you at the top of the Google results for certain terms. Like I am for marketing consultant Perth and like my clients are for most of their target keyword phrases.

I will probably pick up some work optimising people’s web pages, but for me, it’s not so much about editing the Title tags, it involves working out the best use of the web to deliver a business result.

If you know someone who’s not making the most of the web, I’d appreciate your mentioning the seminar to them. Here is the Web Promotion SHOCK flyer if you’d like to print it out. Register here.


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