Appalling Australian service

Melbourne IT is a dreadful business. The leading Australian domain name registrar charge substantially more than their international competitors. More for domains. More for hosting. More for promotion. Pay SEVEN times as much for a .com or a through Melbourne IT. That would be easier to swallow if their service was better than their competitors.

The following piece of advice appears on the Melbourne IT Delegation page: ‘Please enter either only hostnames (e.g. for each nameserver.’ Just a little confused I rang their “24/7 Customer Support”. After listening to a fair number of advertising messages I hit all the right buttons and waited. And waited. “I’m sorry there was no answer… If you know the extension of the person you are dialling… ”

Held on for half an hour, gave up, went home. Transferring the domain to GoDaddy or Name Scout at the next opportunity.


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  1. Hi Bret,

    My little GoDaddy reseller business would be happy to accept your domain name business! Collecting domain names can be fun.



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