Subiaco Oval

The WA Football Commission are currently in negotiation with LG over naming rights to the oval, having determined that under their lease they DO have the right to name the oval. Interesting how any change brings out the traditionalists – those who believe that “Subiaco Oval” is a sacred place somehow responsible for precious memories which would be devalued by a name change. The truth is that it’s a banal name. It’s named after a suburb.

I doubt the benefit of these deals for well established brands. Optus and LG are already national advertisers with all the credibility that attaches to that. It’s an expensive way to buy awareness. You couldn’t describe it as advertising; it’s just associating your brand name with football. There is normally no way to push a particular message.

Having said that, what would make most sense for LG is to try and negotiate for the oval to carry a positive connotation for the brand. They are the proud owners of a very powerful proposition; “Life’s Good”. If they were able to make that the name of the oval they would be advertising, not just paying to publicise a name that everyone already knows. The name would be better received by fans than LG Oval as it says something positive about the experience of going to the football.

Football executives could float this as the proposed name. They should say in their publicity that they are proud to have a public association with LG and that linkages with business are essential for the future well-being of the game. I wouldn’t call it “Oval” I’d just call it “Life’s Good”.


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