Google Adwords

What are Google AdWords?

They’re the sponsored links on the right hand side of the page (or sometimes at the top) when you search in Google. They’re also the text, image and video ads that show up on websites. It’s not just Google’s sites, the ad network covers around 90% of the web. Ads are sold on a cost per click basis, i.e. you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

Why buy AdWords? What are the Advantages?

Ability to start small, test your ad and scale up when you know it pays back. You can create ads that target particular demographics, locations, times of day, devices…

For certain kinds of ads; say medical, pharmaceutical and legal, you can bid for keywords which you may not be able to use in your ads because of industry regulation. Someone searching for a product you’re not allowed to advertise can still see an ad for your website.

How and where to buy Google AdWords Advertising

You can do it yourself by going to Google AdWords. However, if you plan to spend more than $10,000 a year you’ll want professional help.

I’m Google AdWords Certified, having passed Google’s stringent exams. Most recently, 427 pages of AdWords information.

How do I pay for Google Adwords Advertising? What does it cost?

You bid for the keywords! It can cost 10 cents per click or $5 per click; it depends on (1) supply and demand for those keywords and (2) a quality score determined by Google. A good quality score and you can successfully bid less for your advertising. Your quality score depends on lots of things but the relevancy of your keywords and the landing page experience (where they go when they click on your ad) are major factors.

You set a daily budget and basically Google won’t let you outspend that budget.

Getting started

Call 0409908133 in Australia and speak to Bret.

Lee Featherby at Powerful Points offers this testimonial:

“I just wanted to let you know the difference the work you did on AdWords has made to my business. I have picked up 3 new jobs in the past week… you have paid for yourself many times over and we are only into week 3 of the changes.”

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